13 thoughts on “SALE!!”

  1. Oh, I hope you move instead of closing. You are the most wonderful place! I’ve been meaning to come in again and now will not put it off.

  2. We hope you move rather than sell! We first did business with you at your shop on Lake St. You made some wall sconces for us in about 1988 for our 2nd house. We missed you during the pandemic. I hope we’re not too late to get in before you have left that space on Lyndale.

    1. The cost of moving is too high at our age. So we will close in 2-6 months depending on our liquidation sale. Thank you

      Marge The Lamp Mender

  3. Sending prayers of wisdom
    And protection to surround you all now.
    I heard of your business just yesterday
    Thankful you continue to do repairs
    I have a very old large lamp that the lining of the shade is needing to be completely replaced.
    Rest of lamp is in excellent shape.
    Do you do shade repair…. do you know of someone affordable that does? Close to 80
    This lamp means a lot to me.. but at this age and tiny Soc sec check I hope for an affordable way to save my dear lamp. 612-590-5578 carole
    If you are closed today perhaps you could call.
    Thank you.
    I will try to send you a photo next soon today

    1. I am sorry I do not do shade repair–try Rita Cole at 952-873-2222 I have no other resources.

  4. Do you do vintage chandelier three arm converting from oil to electric wiring?
    If not can you recommend please
    Thank you

  5. We stopped by on Saturday but was closed at 3 when we stopped by. We would like to return but are there special hours at this time? Thank you

    1. Sorry we had a power outage in our center. For the safety of customers in our dark shop, we closed early. We are open now for our regular hours.

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